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Liquid / Paste Filling Machines

Our liquid/paste filling machines have a wide application range:such as:beverage,food,healthy products,medicine,pharmaceutical industry, agriculture,pesticides,cosmetic, agrichem industry, daily chemical industry,and other industries of large-scale,high efficiency and automatic production of equipment.

Suitable for all different kinds liquid/paste products:free-fluid liquid,the semi-fluid,paste and sauce containing particles or other materials, strong acid,strong alkali,strong oxidation and high foam liquid;

In our daily life all kinds liquid/paste products could choose our machines to be packaged:disinfectant,bleach, toilet liquid,food beverage,oil of all kinds of Liquor, soy sauce, vinegar, seasoning,condiments,vegetable oil,vial liquid,dropper,syrup,mineral water,honey, pesticides, chemical liquids,high viscous fluidliquid:paste,granule,sauce,etc.or viscous material in medicine, daily chemical, food, pesticide, chemical, lubricating oil and special industry, such as cosmetic cream, juice, ice cream, glue, ink, hand sanitizer, chili sauce, hot pot base, butter, cream, oil, jam, butter, salad sauce, tomato sauce, chili sauce,Shampoc,body cream,very viscous liquid, eyedrop liquid,spray agent liquid,oral liquid,dropper or other materials.

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